The hope of the PAVO team is that this list will grow as more people become involved in the project... List in alphabetical order.

Prof John Davis (Sydney Uni): As SUSI's original PI, John has been tweaking SUSI optics for many years and was a good person to contact about generic SUSI technical stuff. Regrettably, John passed away in Jan 2010.
Dr Michael Ireland (Sydney Uni, ex Caltech): michael.ireland/AT\ Mike has been the technical lead of PAVO. If the group delay algorithm fails, it is mainly his fault. Cell Phone +61 (424) 228-579.
Dr Antoine Merand (CHARA): antoine/AT\ Antoine has done a lot of the optical design and implementation at CHARA, is a yorick expert and brought colored GUIs to PAVO.
Dr Gordon Robertson (Sydney Uni): Gordon is the current director of SUSI, and is an optics expert.
Dr Gail Schaefer (CHARA) Gail is the on-site PAVO expert.
Dr Theo ten Brummelaar (CHARA): email.gifTheo is the Associate Director of the CHARA array and the overall CHARA technical lead. Blame Theo if anything at CHARA breaks, and then he can blame someone else.
Dr Peter Tuthill (Sydney): gekko/AT\ Peter is the chief investigator of the SUSI ARC grant, is involved with both PAVOs and started the post-processing software.